6 avr. 2015


Hat Cupcake Cult from L'indien boutique and ustomised by me  / jacket from Etam lingerie / sweat shirt Domyos from Decathlon / denim short Diesel Customised by me /  underpants Freegun Dragn Ball GT / super tampax made by me / vinyl from Pylones / handmade earring / eye ring from Pylones /  shirt from Esprit / shoes Palladium /

29 mars 2015


Photos datant de l’hiver dernier!!          
            Photos dating back to last winter!!

80's jacket from a thrift store / my grandmother's canadian jacket / crop sweater Blabla from a little store at Sarlat / skirt from the thrift store Episode / socks ONYX / Darcie boots Doc Martens / monster hat Cupcake Cult from L'Indien Boutique / The scarf is a snake plush / eye rings from Pylones /

Sweater from the thrift store Vintage store / scarf made by my mother / monster hat Cupcake Cult from L'Indien Boutique / my grandmother's Cacharel shirt / denim short customised by me / tights Boonie Doon / 

9 mars 2015

Couettes et couleur!!

Jacket from Etam lingerie / sweater for forever 21 ( a present from my sister) / shirt from a flea / denim shorts customised by me / tights ??? / shoes Palladium / ring from A little Market / flower hair clip from Clair's / vinyl trivet from Pylones /

12 févr. 2015

Colorful monster


Jacket Etam lingerie / sweatshirt Domyos from Decathlon / blue/green top from Etam / pink crop top Bonobo / scarf made by my mother / belt and pannier from the sarlat's market / denim shorts Diesel from kilo shop and customised by me /  little vinyl from Pylonne / tights Dub&Drino / Darcie boots Doc Martens / pencil earring from Clair's / Real candy earring from a little shop to Sarlat but I think you can found the same on A little Market / earcuff from a flea / Monster Hat from L'Indien boutique / eye ring from a little market / propeller ring from La boutique de Jul /

29 janv. 2015


Jacket from a thrift store / velvet jacket La city (from a flea) / scarf from Laos (my grandmother's) / shorts Teddy Smith (my sister's) / belt and pannier from Sarlat's market / tights from A l'ombre des marques / shoes Doc Martens (my sister's) / flower hairclip from Clair's / earcuff from a flea /

Shirt from H&M (2012) / sweater from H&M (my mother's) / jacket Etam (my mother's) / tights from A l'ombre des marques / shorts customised by me / shoes Doc Martens (my sister's) /  Belt and pannier from a Sarlat's market / flower hairclip from Clair's / earring from A little market /earcuff from a flea 

Shirt Esprit / sweatshirt from a flea / pencil earring from clair's / real candy earring from a little shop at Sarlat / a real bruch in my ear /

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