27 mars 2014

the over size shirt

Shirt from a flea, vintage / shoes from a flea and customised by me / flower hair clip made by me / leaf ear cuff from a flea / earcuff from clair's / eye earring made by me / eye ring is my christmas present / eye plug is my birthday's present /


Je suis contente de vous montrer un peu de mon travail :
Une collaboration artistique avec le photographe Jonathan Ribeiro :
An artistic collaboration with the photographer Jonathan Ribeiro:

Voir sur mon blog d'illustration : M-A IZU 
ou sur le site de Jonathan Ribeiro

17 mars 2014


Sweater levis, vintage from a thrift store / shorts Diesel from a thrift store, customised by me / sneackers Andrea Crews won at a drawing contest / flower hairclip made by me / eye ring is a present from my mom / eye plug is a present from my friends /

Je met le lien de ma page facebook ici pour ceux que ça interesse.
I put my facebook page here, if you are interested.


12 mars 2014


 Tenue d'il y a 15 jours ...  c'est plus trop d'actualité mais je la poste quand même.

Norway coat from a thrift store / sweater made by my mom / shorts et les gants customised by me / sort of half skirt from a pants from boddywood, Alice and the pirates / creepers underground / flower in my hair made by me / leaf earcuff from a flea / cherry earrings from la marelle / eye earring with a cisor made by me / a lot of brooch / eye rings are christmas and birthday present /

3 mars 2014

jaune et vert

Ce n'est pas une tenue de supporter, c'est juste une tenue assortie aux chaussettes! Quand je n'ai pas d'idée de nouvelle tenue je prend une paire de grandes chaussettes cools ou des collants fantaisie, et j’assortis toutes les couleurs du reste de ma tenue aux chaussettes.

80's coat from a thrift store / my grandmother's canadian jacket / sweater from forever 21, a present from my sister / shorts et les gants, customised by me / socks onyx / vintage boots from a flea and customised by me / rings is a present / leaf earcuff from a flea / earcuff from clair's / eyr earing made by me / scarf from laos, my grandmother's /
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