12 févr. 2015

Colorful monster


Jacket Etam lingerie / sweatshirt Domyos from Decathlon / blue/green top from Etam / pink crop top Bonobo / scarf made by my mother / belt and pannier from the sarlat's market / denim shorts Diesel from kilo shop and customised by me /  little vinyl from Pylonne / tights Dub&Drino / Darcie boots Doc Martens / pencil earring from Clair's / Real candy earring from a little shop to Sarlat but I think you can found the same on A little Market / earcuff from a flea / Monster Hat from L'Indien boutique / eye ring from a little market / propeller ring from La boutique de Jul /

29 janv. 2015


Jacket from a thrift store / velvet jacket La city (from a flea) / scarf from Laos (my grandmother's) / shorts Teddy Smith (my sister's) / belt and pannier from Sarlat's market / tights from A l'ombre des marques / shoes Doc Martens (my sister's) / flower hairclip from Clair's / earcuff from a flea /

Shirt from H&M (2012) / sweater from H&M (my mother's) / jacket Etam (my mother's) / tights from A l'ombre des marques / shorts customised by me / shoes Doc Martens (my sister's) /  Belt and pannier from a Sarlat's market / flower hairclip from Clair's / earring from A little market /earcuff from a flea 

Shirt Esprit / sweatshirt from a flea / pencil earring from clair's / real candy earring from a little shop at Sarlat / a real bruch in my ear /

25 déc. 2014


Tenue de Noel

Top Grand large from Leclerc / red sweater from H&M (an old collection) / Minnie shorts, second hand / socks Queues de sardines / Creepers Underground / earring from A litle market / earcuff from a flea / brooch Tatty Divine sold off in a little store of piercings / Flower hairclip (on the sweater) from Clair's /

Et une pensée pour les gentils sapins de Noël...


 (cliquez sur l'image)


21 déc. 2014

Une tenue de cet été (je ne suis pas en retard dans mes posts c'est faux!)

Photos prises à Turenne
Blouse World wild love from Kilo-shop / lace top from Léa (a store at Cahors) / Denim shorts Diesel customised by me / belt and pannier from Sarlat's market / shoes Palladium / flowers hairclips from Clair's / eye ring from A litle market / earcuff from a flea / earring from Clair's /
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