29 janv. 2015


Jacket from a thrift store / velvet jacket La city (from a flea) / scarf from Laos (my grandmother's) / shorts Teddy Smith (my sister's) / belt and pannier from Sarlat's market / tights from A l'ombre des marques / shoes Doc Martens (my sister's) / flower hairclip from Clair's / earcuff from a flea /

Shirt from H&M (2012) / sweater from H&M (my mother's) / jacket Etam (my mother's) / tights from A l'ombre des marques / shorts customised by me / shoes Doc Martens (my sister's) /  Belt and pannier from a Sarlat's market / flower hairclip from Clair's / earring from A little market /earcuff from a flea 

Shirt Esprit / sweatshirt from a flea / pencil earring from clair's / real candy earring from a little shop at Sarlat / a real bruch in my ear /

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