10 juin 2014


Sweat shirt from a flea / shorts Diesel from kiloshop, customised by me / flag belt made by my mother / belt from somwhere / pannier from a market /  boots Palladium / flowers from Clair's and Eurodif / leaf earcuff  from a flea / eye ring from a little market / ring from a flea / eye earring made by me / fake nose piercing from velan /  thigts dim / fishnet tights doré doré /

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5 juin 2014

lovely flowers

Top Esprit, second hand / lovely skirt made by my mom / belt from somwhere / pannier from Sarlat's market / shoes pink Palladium / flowers hairclip and crown from clair's and eurodif /

1 juin 2014


Top from Kiabi / sleeve from a top found at Emmaus / belt and pannier from a market to Sarlat / Denim shorts Diesel from Kilo shop, customised by me / underpants freegun / socks ONYX / sneackers Andrea Crews won at a drawing contest / flower hairclip made by me / eye ear plug is a present / earring from La marelle / leaf eracuff from a flea /
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