23 sept. 2013

white and blue!! nices colors for summer ... but summer is finished...

Shirt from a flea / shorts  Levis from a thrift store / socks from a gothic lolita shop / sneackers Andrea Crews / earring handmade / ear cuff from a flea / Bracelet from a pharmacy / metallic belt from a flea / blue belt, a present

16 sept. 2013


c'est rare que je fasse une tenue girly, d'habitude je casse avec des grosses chaussures un brin punk, mais heureusement j'ai mon coté tondu qui donne un côté moins féminin.

Top New look / shorts Villa clothes, my mother's / socks from a sort of indien boutique in Angoulême / sneackers new look / bra, my mother's.

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3 sept. 2013

Blue is my color this year!!!

bouuhou mes pauvres jambes toutes abimées...
Bra, domyos / shorts, thrift shop / belt, a present / socks Dim /sneackers Andrea crews / jacket, flea / bracelet from clair's and a pharmacy / earring, handmade

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