23 janv. 2011

inspiration and icones!!!

Soo catwoman or Soo Lucas ... a punk singer from the 70's, i can't found her songs...

Siouxsie sioux, she make me think Catherine Ringer from  
The Rita Mitsouko, a french band ... my fav'

Siouxsie look like Catherine both physically as vocally!


I don't know this film, but i looove the style of this character!
She make me think Cyndi Lauper!!!! <3

 She is AMAZING!

And her style look like Boy George's!!!

His hair look like Strawberry Switchblade's

Looks like my hair there for two years.
I put ribbons in my hair while I still do not know what group or " "this is england" in which a character as ribbons in her hair! Rosamund Hanson


A few years after the film

Moi :

2 commentaires:

yelle a dit…

J'aime beaucoup la 3ème photo en partant du haut ainsi que l'avant dernière petite elfe!

Celiagart (Lucy F.) a dit…


Un moment que je n'étais pas passé sur ce blog.
Toujours de belles choses par ici. Et puis, cette cher Suzie... la lus belle des femme, je pense
c'est cool d'avoir mis quelques images d'elle... J'adore depuis toute gamine, sa voix est une merveille pure...

Au plaisir la belle.

Ps: superbe les chaussures irregular choice, elle te vont à ravir

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