3 nov. 2013

sunny outfit for summer (but that's not summer) and inspration of the month : haruka kurebayashi

sorry, a post which dates this summer...

Le collant ne va pas avec la tenue mais il faisait froid ^^' et j'avais que ça!

The tights is wrong with the outfit but it was cold ^ ^ 'and I had it!
Top from episode / shorts from a thrift store /socks kanabeach /shoes andrea crews /sweat shirt from decathlon domyos / ear cuff from a flea 


This girl is so inspiring for me!!! her name is Haruka Kurebayashi and I think she really looks like Yolandi Visser, the side Litle monster <3 span="">


 Love Takuya Angel's work! *_*

 Cuuuuuuuuute hair! 

 I waaaaaant her shoes!!! *_* perfect!

I want circle lenses too!!

 the pants, I want this pants!!!

the hair of my 15 years!!!

7 commentaires:

BERRIES a dit…

aweesome post and look!<3

Jacqueline Stewart a dit…

that girl is wicked! your outfit is cool too, when I was younger (like 9 years old) I always wanted those kind of baseball tees like you are wearing cos they wore them in that kids movie The Sandlot Kids and I really thought they were awesome... apparently I still do :D Ha! great style!

Anonyme a dit…

Il y a des poses ou tu me fais vraiment penser à tanya... son côté "tomboy " :) ♥

Izumihiiiflower a dit…

ah vi? :)

Anonyme a dit…


Nice pics !

Sarah, http://sarahmodee.wordpress.com/

M a dit…

hi :)
first, i must say, those socks are really cute.
and i love the last photo of yours, the one with hammock.
ps : cool drawing up there (your blog title)

Katie Frank a dit…

oh my deer, you look fantastic *_* !!!


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