27 mars 2014

the over size shirt

Shirt from a flea, vintage / shoes from a flea and customised by me / flower hair clip made by me / leaf ear cuff from a flea / earcuff from clair's / eye earring made by me / eye ring is my christmas present / eye plug is my birthday's present /


Je suis contente de vous montrer un peu de mon travail :
Une collaboration artistique avec le photographe Jonathan Ribeiro :
An artistic collaboration with the photographer Jonathan Ribeiro:

Voir sur mon blog d'illustration : M-A IZU 
ou sur le site de Jonathan Ribeiro

5 commentaires:

Jacqueline Stewart a dit…

wow, you got so much cool jewels!
and I love that face at the end, funny :)

Keit a dit…

You're so pretty and adorable! Rocking adorable that is! :D Love the shirt and the eye ring, creepy!

Apo a dit…

Woaaah! c'est super cool! Bravo! Beau travail! Et chouette chemise... ;)

Lady parisienne a dit…

Tu es canon j'adore ce look grunge, très "période nirvana"

Boheme.Fille a dit…

Your boots and accessories are perfect!

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